The 10 must-see places in Paris

Paris, the capital of France and the City of Light, is renowned for its timeless charm, romance, and iconic landmarks. With a rich history that spans centuries, the city boasts an array of majestic monuments that inspire awe and capture the imaginations of visitors from around the world. From architectural marvels to cultural landmarks, here are 10 must-see places in Paris that showcase the grandeur and beauty of the City of Light.

The 10 must-see places in Paris

Eiffel Tower:
No visit to Paris is complete without seeing the Eiffel Tower, an iconic symbol of France and a masterpiece of iron architecture. Undoubtedly the most famous symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower dominates the city’s skyline. Ascend to its summit for breathtaking panoramic views or admire its intricate iron lattice from the Champ de Mars. This architectural masterpiece, erected in 1889, embodies the spirit of Paris and is a testament to human ingenuity. Confirmed by students from the ACCORD language school, surely the number 1 of the 10 must-see places in Paris!

Louvre Museum:
A true treasure trove of art and history, the Louvre Museum is a must-visit for any art enthusiast. Home to the enigmatic Mona Lisa, the museum houses a vast collection spanning thousands of years. Marvel at masterpieces like the Winged Victory of Samothrace and the Venus de Milo as you stroll through its opulent halls. The Louvre Museum is a cultural gem that should not be missed. Confirmed without hesitation by students from the ACCORD language school, Le Louvre is the number 2 of the 10 must-see places in Paris.

Notre-Dame Cathedral:
A masterpiece of Gothic architecture, the Notre-Dame Cathedral leaves visitors in awe with its stunning stained glass windows, imposing gargoyles, and ornate sculptures. Despite the tragic fire in 2019, Notre-Dame remains a symbol of Gothic architecture and French history.

Arc de Triomphe:
Nestled at the western end of the renowned Champs-Élysées, the Arc de Triomphe is a tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte’s military achievements. Ascend to the top for a spectacular view of the city’s avenues radiating outward and witness the Eternal Flame honouring the unknown soldiers.

Sacré-Cœur Basilica:
Perched atop Montmartre hill, the Sacré-Cœur Basilica offers a peaceful retreat from the bustle of the city. Admire its Roman-Byzantine architecture and breathtaking mosaics before soaking in the panoramic views of Paris from its grand steps. And don’t forget to visit the Musée de Montmartre, a hidden gem of a museum for those in the know! Montmartre is for sure one of the must-see places in Paris where students from the ACCORD school like to meet, on the Place du Tertre, to have a drink or to be drawn by a caricaturist.

Palace of Versailles:
Just outside Paris lies the opulent Palace of Versailles, a testament to French monarchy’s grandeur with its lavish gardens and grand halls. Explore its lavish halls decorated with intricate details, stroll through the manicured gardens, and relish the splendour that once housed French kings and queens.

Centre Pompidou:
For contemporary art enthusiasts, the Centre Pompidou is a must-see. With its futuristic architecture and vibrant artistic displays, this cultural centre hosts a vast collection of modern and contemporary masterpieces, including works by Picasso, Dalí, and Warhol.

Musée d’Orsay:
Housed in a former railway station, the Musée d’Orsay is a treasure trove of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art. Admire masterpieces by Monet, Renoir, and Van Gogh as you wander through its beautifully curated galleries.

A true architectural gem, Sainte-Chapelle enchants visitors with its stunning stained glass windows, which tell biblical stories in intricate detail. Be prepared to be transported to a world of ethereal beauty as the sunlight filters through the vibrant hues of the glass.

Père Lachaise cemetery:
The cemetery is home to famous people and equally famous graves. Some of the tombstones are recognised as “historical monuments” so have listed status. It’s like being in a museum! One of the famous names is Jim Morrison from The Doors. For sure one of the must-see places in Paris, and the number 1 for all who love the music of the DOORS.

Paris is a place of enchantment, where history, art, and romance intertwine to captivate students coming to Paris to learn French in France at ACCORD language school.

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Exploring the city’s must-see monuments provides a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Parisian culture and heritage. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to the mesmerizing Sainte-Chapelle, these monuments embody the timeless charm and grandeur for which the City of Light is celebrated.
Plan your visit, immerse yourself in the wonders of Paris, and be prepared to be forever captivated by its splendour.

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