Internship in Paris

Internship in Paris
Intern Abroad in France
Full-Time Internship Abroad

Internship in Paris
Intern Abroad in France
Full-Time Internship Abroad

Internship in Paris is a great way to experience the city up close and personal, taking the necessary time to appreciate all of its charms and the Parisian culture while building your resume/CV and gaining valuable French language skills.

Famous for its rich history, beautiful architecture and cultural diversity, Paris remains one of the most visited cities in the world. Paris has always been a hive of artistic and intellectual activity with its 134 museums, 170 theatres, world famous universities and cultural festivals, which take place all year round.

Of course, Paris is also the capital of fashion and design and is internationally renowned for its boutiques, department stores and young designers.

By doing an internship in Paris at ACCORD Language School, you also have a great opportunity to explore Paris and all its famous attractions and sites as well as enjoying the French lifestyle.

With ACCORD, there is also another way to discover Paris and its culture and civilisation by enrolling in our French Culture and Civilisation lessons (every Monday and Friday afternoon).

The internship in Paris program is exclusively for college/university students who are at least 18 years old.

Internship in Paris: Live and work in Paris!

With ACCORD you can supplement your study abroad French language course with an internship outside the classroom or full-time internship at ACCORD if you have a very good level of French. See below the 3 internship we offer at ACCORD.

Internship in Paris: 3 internships at ACCORD

Before you apply and select your internship program in Paris, please read the details of the 3 internships offered by ACCORD:

  1. You have a very good level of French: you can ask for a full-time internship at ACCORD, in the marketing and sales office, in the Head of Studies office or in the Exam office. We also offer internships in the marketing department under the supervision of the ACCORD Group marketing manager.
  2. You have a good level of French: you can ask for a part-time internship at ACCORD, in the marketing and sales office or in the Exam office. After a test of your level of French you will be either placed in an intensive morning course and you will do your internship in the afternoons, or you will be placed in afternoon classes and you will do your internship in the morning.
  3. You’re a false beginner or low intermediate in French: you will have to follow an intensive French course during a few weeks before starting your internship, and then you will be able to do a part-time internship as described in point 2.

Internship in Paris: Invest in international work and living experience

At ACCORD you can have a full-time internship or a part-time internship enabling you to follow a French language course.

An internship abroad gives students the confidence and experience needed to successfully pursue a chosen career on the international stage after college.

An internship in Paris stands out on a resume/CV, gives you an edge in a competitive job market and affords you a valuable international perspective – which is attractive to employers.

Internship in Paris: Build your global and practical experience

Develop your career prospects through a unique global experience in a company dealing with more than 25 countries. As you know it, internship placements abroad build highly desirable critical skills for employment.

Internship in Paris: Program Highlights

Our internship in Paris program at ACCORD provides five main benefits:

  1. Gain an internship abroad in an accredited and famous language school, member of the ALS Group (Accord Language Schools Group)
  2. Boost your resume/CV and stand out with future employers
  3. Have a fantastic experience in one of the most exciting capitals, the City of Lights
  4. Improve your French language skills
  5. Gain friends and a professional network from all over the world as ACCORD has partners and agents in more than 25 countries