ACCORD Paris Business French lessons in mini-group

French Business Language Lessons In France

16 lessons 12 hours/week

16 lessons/week

One lesson = 45 minutes

12 hours/week

One hour = 60 minutes

Maximum 3 students/class

Maximum 3 students in the Business French lessons in mini-group.


Business French lessons open to all levels, from low intermediate to advanced.
Important information: the course is open even if you are the only person of your level in those Business French lessons. You will get the Business French lessons you booked (12 hours per week) without any additional fee to pay even if you are on your own.


Before arriving at the school, you will get a written test and on arrival at ACCORD Paris, you will get an oral test to confirm your level.
Read more about ACCORD tests and language levels

Course Content

Timetable: four afternoons, Monday to Thursday, 14:15 to 17:15
Business French lessons in mini-group customised to the students’ specific needs.
During the Business French lessons, you will learn to communicate more effectively and fluently, be able to participate more confidently in meetings, improve your negotiation skills in French, expand your professional vocabulary and work in French with greater confidence.


A certificate will be given at the end of the course.
Read more about our Certificate: ACCORD’s Certificate


At the end of your stay you also can take an exam to get the official “Diplôme de langue et culture françaises” recognised by the Académie de Paris.
Exam fees: 50 euros

2022 Dates

Course open to all levels from low intermediate to advanced.
Starting dates: any Monday 
(except April 18th and August 15th)

The school will be closed April 18th, May 26th, July 14th, August 15th, November 1st, November 11th and from Saturday December 17th 2022 to Sunday January 8th 2023 included. The school will open on Monday January 9th 2023



1 + weeks
680,00€ per week

Additional information

  • No registration fees and no hidden fees! Course Fees include level testing, teaching materials and end of course certificate.
  • Perfect for busy professional people: only 4 afternoons per week to make a difference in your working life in French!

Our recommendation

  • During your stay at ACCORD you can ask to add one to one lessons at an additional low fee.
  • Possibility to add the morning course A in addition to the afternoon Business French lessons in mini-group to optimise your stay in Paris and to practise your everyday French in our multinational morning classes.

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