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Our French School Credentials

French school credentials enable students to identify, recognise and select French language schools which provide courses and services that match their expectations.

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Label Qualite FLE

One of the major, official French school accreditations is “Qualité FLE”. In 2007, ACCORD Paris was one of the first schools in France to have been awarded “Qualité FLE”, the official French accreditation which guarantees the quality of teaching, premises and services provided (administration, enrolment, accommodation, etc.) of a school located in France and teaching French as a foreign language.

Private Institute of Higher Education

First of all ACCORD Paris is registered as a Private Institute of Higher Education (n°588) at the Academy of Paris – Ministry of Higher Education. Similar to French school accreditations, the registration of our French language school as a Private Institute of Higher Education is another guarantee of the quality of ACCORD Paris.

Campus France

ACCORD Paris is member of CAMPUS FRANCE.
CAMPUS FRANCE is an official organisation (created by the French State – Law n°2010-873, July 27th 2010) which aims to inform, promote and put forward the French Higher Education system abroad. Like the French school accreditations, the CAMPUS FRANCE membership is another assurance of the quality of ACCORD language school Paris.


Furthermore, ACCORD Paris is member of SOUFFLE, a professional association of quality language schools teaching French as a foreign language. The SOUFFLE French language schools are committed to maintaining the high quality of their courses and services. This is why all SOUFFLE FLE schools located in France also have the French school accreditations required.


Bildungsurlaub is a subsidised educational leave for personal development and training purposes controlled by German Länder. ACCORD Paris is one of the approved French language schools which German employees can choose for their language training.

As a result, the ACCORD French language school is recognised in following German Länder: Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hessen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, Rheinland-Pfalz…
All accreditations are presented HERE


ACCORD Paris French courses are approved by Sweden’s National Board for Student Aid (CSN). As a result, Swedish students wishing to improve their French language skills at ACCORD Paris are eligible for financial aid from this organisation.

European Parliament

ACCORD Paris is recognised as partner language school by the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT for teaching French as a foreign language to translators, interpreters and members of the European Parliament.