Popular Study Abroad Programs in France

For students who are interested in studying abroad while learning or improving their French, Paris is an extremely popular study abroad destination. The famous ACCORD Paris Language  School in partnership with IKI-PGS and the CIA in Antibes offers many Study Abroad Programs in France.

Paris is a vibrant destination for study abroad students looking to study French before to continue their studies in France in architecture, art, fashion design, and more.

One of the advantages of building your own study abroad program is that you can select the type of French language course (intensive, semi-intensive, super-intensive) and its duration (from a few weeks to several months) according to YOUR needs and objectives. So, depending on your level of French, you can choose to come in the summer to follow a short-term program or during the year, on the date you want, to follow a course lasting several months. You choose your French course and you determine how long your program in France should last. Many universities and schools accept credit from these programs, even if their own study abroad department offers its own study abroad program as well.

Popular Study Abroad Programs in France

Study in France with IKI-Paris Graduate School and ACCORD

IKI-Paris Graduate School offers all year round a full range of well reputed Masters, MBA, MPhil (Pre PhD) as well as BA Foundation programs. The IKI-PGS School and ACCORD partnership combines the academic expertise of IKI and ACCORD Paris to offer foreign students looking for a highquality study abroad program a fantastic jointly taught program, making them ever more attractive to employers.

Key elements of the IKI-Paris Graduate School & ACCORD joint programme:

• The 20 hours per week French language course taught face-to-face on the IKI-ACCORD campus nearby the Eiffel Tower is shared with extensive online support through IKI-Paris Graduate School professors and staff.
• The IKI-Paris academic programs are taught entirely in English, preparing the students to work in a multinational environment.
• Dedicated Virtual Learning Environment: IKI-Paris Graduate School portal.
• Students receive two awards, one from each partner institution, doubling the prestige and recognition of the degree.

For more information, please contact IKI-Paris Graduate School by email at info@ikinstitute.org or info@parisgraduateschool.org or use the ACCORD online contact form.

Learn French in Paris with ACCORD

The PARIS-MOVE editorial team has selected the Private Institute ACCORD as the French language school to learn French in France. The ACCORD French language school in Paris is accredited “Qualité FLE” for the fifth time in a row. ACCORD is member of CAMPUS FRANCE  and SOUFFLE, professional organisation for French as a foreign language training centres.

Don’t hesitate any longer and choose one of the courses offered by the ACCORD Paris school: 2 semi-intensive courses, more than 10 intensive courses and 3 super intensive courses.
Starting dates every Monday for all levels except complete beginners, and book for a few weeks to several months.

French in France with ACCORD and the CIA-Antibes

By learning French in France, in Paris and in Antibes, you will appreciate what each of these two famous cities has to offer. For example the famous monuments for Paris, and in Antibes, the sea.

Study abroad programs in France
Follow a French course at ACCORD then a French course at Antibes, with the possibility of modulating your course. An intensive or super-intensive French language course in Paris then a semi-intensive French course in Antibes. Or the reverse, especially if you want to visit many monuments in Paris.

To go to your two French Language Schools in France:
To go from Paris to Antibes, nothing could be easier! All you have to do is take the TGV (high-speed train).

Recommended accommodation in your two French Language Schools in France:
Accommodation recommended in Parisa lovely host family
Accommodation recommended in Antibes: a very nice residence

To register for this Paris-Antibes program, nothing could be simpler. Contact us and tell us how long you want to stay in Paris and in Antibes. We will send you a complete proposal.

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