Homestay in Paris – Choose a host family for your stay in France

Homestay in Paris Choose a host family for your stay in France

Book your Homestay in Paris with the “Qualité FLE” accredited ACCORD French language school located nearby the Eiffel Tower and the Champs de Mars. Select a host family accommodation in Paris and book online using our secure online booking form.

ACCORD students who want a fully immersive stay are recommended to stay with one of our selected Parisian host families. Living with a Parisian host family is a guarantee that student will be in total immersion in the Parisian but also French culture, will become familiar with the French way of life and be offered daily support with his/her language learning.

ACCORD French language school offers a wide range of host families all located inside Paris (Paris “intra muros”) who meet the criteria and requirements of our students. They offer a warm welcome and most of them welcome ACCORD students from all over the world.

Why do our students choose to stay with host families?

Students can choose the half-board stay and have breakfast and dinner every day with the family. This allows them to have an introduction to French cuisine and dinner is a special time for relaxed discussion. The half-board option is ideal to continue practising French after your French class.

All our host families are located inside Paris and most at a reasonable distance from the school.

Staying with a French host family is surely the best experience as it is a real immersion into the Parisian and French way of life. 

Select your homestay in Paris and you will be able to practise your French and learn new words talking to your host family. In all our families you will have your own room and you will be considered as a member of the family. Contacting your host family before your arrival will help you integrate quickly into your “second” family. When you have enrolled at ACCORD and selected a homestay, our staff will send you a Homestay Application Form for you to complete and return. This will help us to select the host family that most matches your profile. The half-board option is ideal to continue practising French after your French class.

How to choose your homestay in Paris

Homestay dates of stay:
– Arrivals on Sundays, departures on Saturdays
– Additional nights possible in host-families, subject to availability.

We offer the following host family options:
– Room only (without breakfast or access to kitchen)
– Single room with breakfast
– Single room with breakfast & access to kitchen
– Single room with 2 dinners (Sunday and Monday)
– Single room with half-board
– VIP (*) single room with half-board (single room with en suite shower or bathroom)*
(*) VIP single room with half-board: single room with en suite shower or bathroom.

Please note that an additional fee per week will be invoiced for students who have a vegan, gluten-free diet or are lactose intolerant. All information and prices here.
It is possible to book extra nights, subject to availability. Please contact us

Homestay in Paris prices

You can also download all our dates and prices

To get to ACCORD school 3bis rue Jean-Pierre Bloch, 75015 Paris, it’s very simple:

– by Metro:
The closest metro stations are: La Motte-Picquet Grenelle (lines 6, 8 and 10) and Dupleix (line 6)
Two other stations are also near the school: Ecole Militaire (line 8), Bir-Hakeim (line 6)
– by bus :
line no. 86 (stop: Champ de Mars)
line no. 82 (stops: Champ de Mars – Suffren, and / or Général Detrie)
line no. 42 (stop: Desaix and / or Champ de Mars – Suffren)

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Homestay in Paris – Choose a host family for your stay in France, in ACCORD French language school in Paris


Bildungsurlaub accredited French language course

Bildungsurlaub accredited French language course

Select a Bildungsurlaub accredited French course in France and come to ACCORD Paris French language school to follow your French course. Bildungsurlaub is a subsidised educational leave for personal development and training purposes regulated by German Länder.
ACCORD Paris is one of the approved French language schools which German employees can choose for their French language training.

To be eligible to the Bildungsurlaub grant, most federal states ask the companies to employ a minimum number of staff and that the employee wishing to apply for the Bildungsurlaub grant has been employed for a minimum period of time by the company. In Baden-Württemberg employees must be working for the company for at least twelve months, while in Nordrhein-Westfalen it is only six months.
For more information click here, on Bildungsurlaub information

ACCORD French language school is recognised for Bildungsurlaub in the following German Länder:

Select a Bildungsurlaub accredited French course

The Bildungsurlaub must be submitted to the employer by the employee. The employer has the final decision whether the applicant is exempted from work to attend the training. The application must be handed in in a written form and all documents should be enclosed showing that the selected course is recognised as Bildungsurlaub in the Land (federal state). In most federal states, the application should be submitted twelve weeks before the course starts.

Bildungsurlaub allows employees to get five extra days of paid vacation per year. In many federal states it is possible to take ten days in Bildungsurlaub every two years. Saarland is an exceptional case where employees get six days per year.

The law lays down special requirements for language courses in order to be recognised as Bildungsurlaub. There are many criteria such as the number of lessons. Usually a total of 30 lessons of 45 minutes is required to be recognised.

At ACCORD the course recognised for Bildungsurlaub is the French course ‘D’ of 38 lessons/week

This Intensive French course ‘D’ includes the morning intensive French course ‘A’ (from 9:00 to 13:00) and three afternoon lessons of your choice (from 14h15 to 17h15) with one extra hour coaching during the week.

As the Intensive French Course ‘D’ includes 3 afternoon classes, students can easily enrol for the 3 ‘Writing and Grammar’ classes (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) or students can also mix and match these lessons with our two other afternoon classes: ‘Oral Communication’ and ‘French Culture and Civilisation’ (Monday and Friday).

Book your Bildungsurlaub French course at ACCORD Paris!

During a Bildungsurlaub, the employer pays the employee’s salary as usual. The employee shall bear the costs of the course, expenditure on teaching materials, travel and accommodation costs.

ACCORD Paris is registered as a Private Institute of Higher Education (n°588) at the Academy of Paris. Furthermore, ACCORD Paris is member of SOUFFLE, a professional association of quality language schools teaching French as a foreign language, and is also a member of Campus France.

In 2007, ACCORD Paris was one of the first French language schools in France to have been awarded “Qualité FLE”, the official French accreditation which guarantees the quality of teaching, premises and services provided (administration, enrolment, accommodation, etc.) of a school teaching French as a foreign language. And during its last inspection, the “Qualité FLE” auditors awarded ACCORD School the top marks (3 stars) in all areas (teaching, premises, etc.).

ACCORD Bildungsurlaub accreditations: HERE

You would like to enrol for a Bildungsurlaub accredited course at ACCORD?
Contact u and send us an email now.

ACCORD French language school: 3bis rue Jean-Pierre Bloch, 75015 Paris

After having been present for 10 years rue Montmartre then 20 years on the Grands Boulevards, the ACCORD school opened a new chapter in its history by leaving the boulevard Poissonnière and the 9th arrondissement for premises located in the 15th arrondissement, near the Champs of Mars and the Eiffel Tower.

Located near the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower, the ACCORD school is also close to the Quai Branly museum and its famous “green facade” (a green wall), the Invalides museum and the Tomb of Napoleon 1st, but also the superb and unfortunately too little known Rodin Museum, UNESCO and many other famous places and sites.