Intensive French Courses in France, in Paris

Select one of our Intensive French Courses in France, in Paris and learn French in our high quality accredited French language school in Paris. At ACCORD, enjoy a wonderful time and meet students from more than 40 different countries during your French language immersion stay in France.

At ACCORD Paris, High quality French tuition and premium student service!

The ACCORD French language school welcomes students all year round to study French in a friendly learning environment. The premises are located at walking distance from the Eiffel Tower and all the school has air conditioning (which is a major key point in the summer period). The teaching method is effective and the school offers programs and courses that can be adapted to accommodate all students’ needs.

Study French at ACCORD

– A “boutique” French language school accredited Qualité FLE, member of the professional organisation SOUFFLE and of CAMPUS FRANCE.
– A warm and friendly atmosphere.
– French classes for each proficiency level.
– Flexible French language program options (students can add at any time during their stay afternoon classes for one week or more)
– Highly qualified and experienced teaching and administrative staff.

Discover the pleasure of learning and improving your French. Select one of our Intensive French Courses in France, in Paris and enjoy an authentic French experience.

Our intensive French language courses in Paris offer extra afternoon lessons based on encouraging oral communication or grammar and written French as well as DELF & DALF exam preparation in addition to the intensive standard course A (20 h/week).

Intensive French Course ‘A’ key facts:
– Focus on oral communication,
– Use of the French language in real-life situations, especially during the “sorties pédagogiques” (“Walking in Paris” lessons),
– Work on vocabulary and pronunciation to express yourself in French accurately,
– Courses open all year round to all levels, from complete beginner to advanced,
– Prices from 300 euros/week

Additional afternoon classes:
Grammar and written French in dedicated afternoon lessons (9h/week)
Oral communication/ French Culture and Civilisation (6h/week)
DELF exam preparation classes (6h or 9h/week)

Intensive French courses in France, at ACCORD:
Intensive course ‘B’, 23 h/week, includes the intensive course A + one afternoon class of your choice.
Intensive course ‘C’, 26 h/week includes the intensive course A + 2 afternoon classes of your choice.
Intensive course ‘D’, 29 h/week includes the intensive course A + 3 afternoon classes of your choice.

Super Intensive French Courses key facts:
Super-intensive course ‘G’, 32 h/week (= 42 lessons/week): intensive course A + 4 afternoon classes,
Super-intensive course ‘E’, 35 h/week (= 46 lessons/week): intensive course A + 5 afternoon classes
Intensive PLUS courses: intensive course A + 5, 10 or 20 one to one lessons per week

Exam preparation courses key facts:
Preparation to the DELF and DALF exams,
• 3 courses: D1 (course A + 6 h/week), D2 (course A + 9 h/week), D3 (course A + 9 h/week including one to one lessons)

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Study French at ACCORD

  • Full immersion in French language and culture in the French capital, Paris.
  • Active, participative teaching method.
  • Original course materials developed by ACCORD teachers.
  • Qualified French language teachers to assist you with making solid and rapid progress.

ACCORD Teaching method
– Our teaching method guarantees easy and active French language learning through real-life interactions.
– Our teaching approach in classes as well as during the ‘sorties pédagogiques’ promotes French language exchanges and participation of all the students in a friendly and relaxed environment.
– Our course material is developed by our teachers and is being updated and improved all year round.

Pedagogy key facts:
• Programs based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
• Teaching method and teaching material that encourage communication.
• Course materials developed for students from all levels of French, from complete beginner to advanced.
• Qualified and experienced teachers of French.
No nationality over 12% at ACCORD. Excellent nationality mix in the classes.
• Periodic knowledge check (tests, assessments, self-evaluation).

Intensive French Courses in France, in Paris

Our intensive French courses allow you to communicate in French on everyday subjects and to develop the five skills necessary to progress in French: listening comprehension, oral production, oral interaction, reading comprehension, written production.

Your French course objectives
– Develop your oral fluency.
– Develop your listening comprehension.
– Work on phonetics.
– Discover the French culture and civilisation.
– Discuss (in French) with students of more than 30 different countries.

Why choose ACCORD Language School:
– 1988-2023: 35 years’ experience of teaching French as a Foreign Language
ACCORD French Language School is registered as a Private Institute of Higher Education (n° 588 at the Academy of Paris – Ministry of Education), accredited by the official “Qualité FLE” and is member of CAMPUS FRANCE and SOUFFLE.FLE (professional organisation for quality French language training centres).
A wide choice of French courses available for all ages, at prices that suit your budget.
No hidden fees: When you enroll for a course at ACCORD Language School, there are no teaching materials and books to buy. Everything is included in the price of the course, including level testing, teaching material and end of course certificate.
Fantastic location.
Excellent facilities.
Free Wifi throughout the school.
– ACCORD caters for students with disabilities.

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If you are motivated about learning French, ACCORD Language School is the best place to improve your language skills as well as experience the Parisian way of life and explore the French capital. The many official institutions accrediting ACCORD Language School have confirmed the school’s reputation for the excellence of the services provided.
But don’t take our word for it, just read here what our students have to say about their stay at ACCORD in the intensive French courses in France:

“Great location, friendly, good facilities. Excellent workshops after morning lessons. Excellent relation with teachers. I will recommend Accord, for sure. Excellent value for money!”
Viviana (ITALY) – 5 Stars on Google

“A1.1 course with Prof. Valerie was awesome. Merci. Can’t wait to go back.”
Jay Park (KOREA) – 5 Stars on Google

“Awesome school”
Alena (RUSSIA) – 5 Stars on Facebook

“It’s really nice school i was feeling great when i was learning in there…”
Shiva Bhattarai (INDIA) – 5 Stars on Facebook

“Everybody was very kind and available. The grammar workshop was really great. My host family was better than perfect!”
Christiane-Sabine (GERMANY) – 5 Stars on Google


ACCORD French language school: 3bis rue Jean-Pierre Bloch, 75015 Paris

Located near the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower, the ACCORD school is also close to the Quai Branly museum, the Invalides museum, the Rodin Museum and many other famous places and sites.
The local “pâtisseries” and “boulangeries” are particularly popular with our students who practice their French whilst selecting their favourite pastry and converse with fellow students about the unforgettable experience of living in Paris.

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