You are never too old to learn French!

Join a course at our ACCORD School in Paris and immerse yourself in the French language.
You can learn anything no matter how old you are and learning a foreign language is no different!
You have always dreamed of improving on your school French and never had time.
You have always wanted to spend more time in Paris, explore the city and become confident speaking in French about the things you are interested in, French cinema, gastronomy, literature, history etc. or just to enjoy chatting with other French people at the local café about the current news.

So join a course at our ACCORD School in Paris and make your dream come true. Learning a foreign language at an older age gives you an exciting purpose, discovering a new culture, exchanging with new friends who are also learning French in the same class as you. It can even prevent cognitive decline.

Now you have more time why not devote it to language learning and focus on learning French again, the French you want to learn and improve… you don’t want to spend time working on too many French written and grammar exercises the way you did in your school days, you want to be able to communicate confidently, to read the French newspaper, watch French films, learn French songs, etc.

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the language and living in the country, this is the only way to really improve quickly and be confident in speaking the language.
ACCORD School in Paris is the perfect place for you as you will be placed in a French class of your level with students of all ages, some younger than you and some older too, from the four corners of the world. Not only will you be able to improve French, but you will also make friends with your classmates whilst studying at ACCORD School.

You can join the Oral Communication course so you can optimise your progress in speaking and communicate confidently in French, or you may prefer to join a morning French course so you have the afternoons free to visit your favourite places in Paris, Montmartre and the Musée Dali, the Quartier Latin and the Ile Saint-Louis, or simply spend the afternoon reading a magazine after a picnic lunch overlooking the Eiffel Tower on the Champ de Mars, a few minutes’ walk from your ACCORD School.

So what are you waiting for? Join us in Paris and enjoy improving your French at our school and enjoying spending time in Paris.

Contact us to choose with us the French language course that you like the most, and don’t wait, come take a French course at ACCORD Paris!
Have a look at all the French courses we offer at ACCORD Paris: semi-intensive courses, intensive French courses, courses dedicated to oral communication, grammar & writing French lessons, and many others…

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