Learn French whilst holidaying in France

With more than 30 years’ experience in the language business, ACCORD can make sure that it’s very easy to combine learning French with taking a break in Paris and enjoy a fantastic holiday in France.

You may be wondering whether it is possible to spend your holidays studying French without giving up all your free time and still taking full advantage of the summer?
Yes it is! At ACCORD, you can combine learning French with a holiday in the French capital, making sure that you can take in all the wonderful attractions in Paris and practising your French outside the classroom soaking in everything the famous ‘city of lights’ has to offer.

French language courses in Paris, the best way to improve your French language skills and practise in the most beautiful city in the world!

Learn French whilst holidaying in France

Paris is the perfect destination for a great holiday!

Did you know that France is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations? Moreover, French is invaluable in lots of countries.

By coming to ACCORD Language School to attend your French language course, you also have a great opportunity to explore Paris and all its famous attractions and sites as well as enjoying the lifestyle.

Famous for its rich history, beautiful architecture and cultural diversity, Paris remains one of the most visited cities in the world. Paris has always been a hive of artistic and intellectual activity with its 134 museums, 170 theatres, world famous universities and cultural festivals, which take place all year round.

Of course, Paris is also the capital of fashion and design and is internationally renowned for its boutiques, department stores and young designers.

And let’s not forget its famous cafés, restaurants and brasseries… as well as its boulangeries, pâtisseries, fromageries, charcuteries, etc. Holidaying in Paris is also about visiting its food markets, enjoying a café at a ‘terrasse’ watching Parisians go by and of course, putting the world to rights with your new friends in French, of course…. A unique and unforgettable experience!

Learn French whilst holidaying in France

Paris is divided in “arrondissements” and each arrondissement has its own monuments and places worth visiting. There are 5431 streets across the city, each one with a story of its own, relating to the history of France, its artists, scientists and saints.

As surprising as it may be, it is possible to walk to most of Paris’s sites. It won’t take you more than a few hours to walk from the Bastille area to the Eiffel Tower. If you don’t feel like walking, public transport in Paris is second to none.

The Left Bank and the Latin Quarter are the heart of the city for the young Parisians. But don’t miss out on other fascinating areas such as Bastille, Montmartre, Pigalle, the Champs Elysées and the Ile de la Cité.

Holidays which take in both French language and French culture and civilisation

Paris will surprise you with each new day. You will hear about these iconic places from your teacher during our French culture and civilisation classes, and then you’ll have a chance to admire them in real life during your free time. For all these reasons, coming to Paris and studying French at ACCORD will make sure you go home with some unforgettable memories – trust the ACCORD students!

Learn French whilst holidaying in France

French courses for adults all year round

A wide choice of French courses available for all ages, at prices suiting your budget. For example: from 160 euros for a semi-intensive course of 20 lessons per week, from 70 euros for the 8 lessons “French Culture and Civilisation”, from 90 euros for the 12 lessons “Grammar and Writing”, and many more.

Whether you stay in a residence, a serviced apartment or with a selected host family, you will benefit from a genuinely immersive learning experience. If you choose to stay with a host family, you will get to practise your French every day and make fast progress, and choosing a stay with half board will enable you to enjoy the way of life of a Parisian family.

Learn French whilst holidaying in France

With more than 30 years’ experience in the language business ACCORD can make sure that it’s very easy to combine learning French and enjoy a fantastic holiday break in Paris and in France you will never forget.

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