French language course for beginner in France

How do I select a high quality French language course for beginner in France?

Selecting a high quality French language course for beginner in France involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure an effective and enjoyable learning experience.
Here’s a guide to help you to select the best French language course for beginner in France for you:

Define Your Goals
Clearly outline your French language learning objectives. Whether it’s basic conversational skills, travel preparation, or a foundation for more advanced studies in France or in your country, knowing your goals will guide your course selection. For example, if you want to pursue university studies in France, you will need to choose a course that will allow you to prepare for a French exam. If you want to take a course to make the most of your holiday in France, then a semi-intensive French language course will be sufficient. To determine your choice of French language course, do not hesitate to contact us.

Choose a Qualité FLE Accredited School
Look for a French language school that is accredited by recognized language education organisations such as “Qualité FLE”. Accreditation ensures that the language school meets established standards for quality instruction and premises. ACCORD Paris French language school is accredited “Qualité FLE” since 2007, and with the highest marks in all domains (French courses, premises, teachers…).

Structured Curriculum
Check if the French language course for beginners offers a structured curriculum specifically designed for beginners. A well-organized curriculum will cover essential grammar, vocabulary, and conversational basics, providing a solid foundation. Ensure the course starts at the beginner level and offers clear progression to higher levels.

Classes and Levels of French
Make sure the school guarantees open classes for the complete beginner level. A language school like ACCORD Paris guarantees classes for complete beginners with a starting dates’ calendar published on its website, which is a guarantee that classes for complete beginners will open at the announced dates. These starting dates for complete beginners are also published on line on each French course page on the ACCORD Paris website.

Interactive Learning Methods
Look for a French course for beginner that incorporates interactive learning methods. Activities, games, and real-life scenarios can make the learning experience engaging and help beginners grasp concepts more effectively. This is ACCORD’s teaching method, used for 35 years, and based on the use of authentic teaching materials, such as newspaper and magazine articles.

Cultural Integration
Choose a French language course for beginner that integrates cultural elements into the curriculum. Understanding French culture alongside language learning enhances the overall experience and provides context for language use. Included in the educational program of the ACCORD school are “educational outings” which allow students to follow part of their course outside the classroom and to practice in “real life” what they learn in class.

Progress Assessments
Check if the French course includes regular progress assessments. Assessments help beginners track their development, identify areas for improvement, and ensure they are on the right track with their language learning journey.

Additional Support Services
Inquire about any additional support services offered by the language school. Beginners may benefit from extra workshops, or tutoring sessions to supplement their learning as well as assistance to select and book an accommodation. The ACCORD school offers you lessons dedicated to written French, grammar, and/or oral communication. You can decide to add these additional lessons at any time because the organization of the school is very flexible. Tutoring is also offered at the end of the day.

If you look for a French language course for beginner in Paris, better ask the school for an accommodation in a selected Parisian host family, with half board. Family accommodation with half board (breakfast and dinner every day) will be the best way for you to put into practice what you have learned in class. You will find that a stay with a host family will allow you to progress even more quickly.

Location Convenience
Consider the location of the language school. Choose a school that is conveniently located, making it easy for beginners to attend classes and explore the city, fostering a positive and stress-free learning experience. Located in the lively 15th arrondissement, and nearby the Eiffel Tower, the ACCORD French language school is located in a safe and very lively environment at the same time.

By considering these factors, beginners can find a French language course for beginner in France that not only meets their immediate learning needs but also sets the stage for a successful language-learning journey.

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