Intensive French in Paris 

To learn French in France, don’t hesitate and join an Intensive French in Paris program. Study French in France with ACCORD, a Private Institute of Higher Education and an accredited Qualité FLE French Language School.

Location: The program takes place in the heart of Paris, France, offering an authentic and immersive French experience. The ACCORD French Language School is located at walking distance of the Eiffel Tower and the famous Champs de Mars.
ACCORD Language School: 3bis rue Jean-Pierre Bloch, 75015 Paris, France.

Duration: An intensive program is typically lasting 4-8 weeks, designed to accelerate your French language skills, but you can enroll for just one week or two.

Flexibility: ACCORD Language School offers a wide choice of French intensive and semi-intensive French courses with flexible dates and durations. We are always available to advise you during your stay at ACCORD so you choose the lessons which suit you best.
Dowload the list of the courses proposed at ACCORD and their dates and prices.

Language Immersion: You’ll be surrounded by the French language daily, providing an ideal environment for language learning, especially if you also book a host family accommodation.

An Intensive French in Paris program also means:

Cultural Exposure: Paris is a global cultural hub, offering exposure to art, history, fashion, and cuisine.

Language Courses: You’ll receive daily language instruction, covering speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in a multinational class of your level of French.

Experienced Instructors: Our Intensive French in Paris programs are teached by skilled and native-speaking French instructors.

Nationality mix: You’ll meet students from various countries, providing a rich cultural exchange. At ACCORD we have no nationality over 12%. We welcome students of 40+ different countries!

Academic Credit: Our French language programs offer the possibility of earning academic credits.

Enjoy Paris: You’ll have the chance to explore Paris, visit famous historical sites, and practice your language skills in real-life settings.

Housing Options: Students often have the choice of living with nice Parisian host families or in apparthotels.

Conversation Partners: You might have opportunities to connect with native speakers for language exchange.

Networking: The Intensive French in Paris program can help you build international connections and friendships.

Resume Enhancement: Proficiency in a second language is an asset in many career fields.

Preparation for Further Studies: If you plan to study in France, our French language courses can help improve your language skills.

Exploration of French Culture: Beyond the language, you’ll gain a deep understanding of French culture and customs.

Travel Opportunities: Being in France, from Paris you can easily explore neighboring countries during weekends and breaks.

Life Experience: Studying in Paris offers a life-changing experience, fostering personal growth and independence.

ACCORD French Language School is registered as a Private Institute of Higher Education (n°588 at the Academy of Paris – Ministry of Education), accredited by the official “Qualité FLE” and is member of CAMPUS FRANCE and SOUFFLE (professional organisation for French as a foreign language training centres).

Learn French in France with ACCORD Paris, the best way to improve your French language skills in the most beautiful city in the world! To learn French in France, don’t hesitate and join an Intensive French course in Paris.

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