The ACCORD school accredited Qualité FLE for the fifth time in a row!

By decision of the interministerial labeling commission of July 21, 2023, ACCORD French language school in Paris obtained a fifth renewal of the FLE Quality label, awarding it the maximum score of 3 stars for all 5 criteria and a total of 15 stars out of 15.

In each of the 5 areas, the 3 star rating attests to recognition of maximum quality. The label and its 3 stars were awarded to ACCORD for all criteria: Training and teaching, Teachers, Welcome and support, Premises and Management.

The FLE Quality label and the 3 stars in these 5 areas confirm the high level of quality of the courses and services offered by ACCORD Paris.

ACCORD was also one of the very first French language schools to be accredited, in 2007, and it was therefore accredited for the fifth time in a row, proof of the quality and excellence of what the school has been offering for 35 years now.

Created in 2007, the French as a Foreign Language (FLE) Quality label makes it possible to identify, recognize and promote French Language schools whose linguistic offering and services present quality guarantees. This label is the result of a quality assurance process initiated by three French ministries – the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs –, members of the interministerial labeling commission which issues the label.

The label is awarded on the basis of a benchmark which concerns the following five areas:
1. Training and teaching
2. Teachers
3. Welcome, support
4. Premises, security, equipment
5. Management

1. Training, teaching
The French as a foreign language (FLE) courses offered by the school aim to meet the linguistic needs of the students and are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECR) and detailed curricula. The preparation of the French language courses and their delivery are consistent with the CECR and the curricula. At the end of their course, students receive a certificate attesting to their level in relation to the CECR scale.

2. Teachers
The language school employs qualified and competent teaching staff which allows it to provide quality in the different types of training offered. The school’s teachers are recruited following an appropriate and explicit procedure. A team spirit is encouraged in the search for continuous improvement and through participatory evaluation.

3. Welcome, support
Students receive all the information necessary to choose a language school that meets their needs. To enable them to easily integrate into the school and into a new environment, the language school offers a warm welcome and an accommodation assistance service.

4. Premises, security, equipment
The premises and equipment allow students and staff to work in satisfactory conditions. Students benefit from an environment favorable to their learning and a good stay within pleasant premises that meet safety standards. The language school provides them with good quality equipment and ensures regular maintenance of the premises and equipment.

5. Management
There is a clear description of the aims and strategic objectives of the institution, a strategic plan for its development, a commitment to the promotion and maintenance of quality and professional ethics.

Stars are awarded for each area:
3***   The language school meets the quality requirements of the framework.
2**   The language school meets most of the quality requirements of the framework but certain points need to be improved.
1*      The language school partially meets the quality requirements of the framework. Observed non-conformities must be quickly corrected.

ACCORD school accredited Qualité FLE for the fifth time in a row!

ACCORD obtained the best score, 3***, for the 5 areas audited, and therefore obtained 15 stars out of 15 possible.

ACCORD Paris was one of the very first FLE schools to be accredited “Qualité FLE”, in 2007, and it was therefore accredited for the fifth time in a row, proof of the quality and excellence of what this renowned school located nearby the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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