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Intensive French Course A

26 lessons 20 hours/week

  • This Intensive French Course A at ACCORD French Language School in Paris focuses on developing the four communication skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • The Intensive French Course A also invites students to explore the French culture through the use of authentic material and learn related idiomatic expressions in various contexts.
  • Special Long Term prices for a trimester or a semester in our French language school.
  • No hidden fees! Course Fees include level testing, teaching materials and end of course certificate.
  • No registration fees!
  • The ACCORD French language course A is open to all levels, from complete beginner to advanced.
  • This Intensive French language course A is available to adult students aged 16+. At ACCORD Language School in Paris there is a course for everybody whatever your age!
  • Possibility to add afternoon workshops or one to one lessons. Add one or more afternoon classes dedicated to ‘Writing & Grammar’, ‘Oral communication’ classes or the two classes dedicated to ‘French Culture and Civilisation’!
  • On arrival at the ACCORD Paris French Language School, you will be given a written and an oral test to confirm your level.
  • At the end of your stay you also can take an exam to get the official “Diplôme de langue et culture françaises” recognised by the Académie de Paris.
  • Great location, excellent facilities, friendly and experienced teachers.
  • Great nationality mix in this French language course: no nationality over 12%.
  • French Language School accredited by the official “Qualité FLE”
  • French Language School member of CAMPUS FRANCE
  • With ACCORD, it is not only about studying French, it is a life experience!
  • ACCORD : 1988-2018, 30 years experience in teaching French as a foreign language. Founded in 1988, ACCORD is one of the leading schools in France for teaching French to foreign students and offering high quality French language courses in Paris.
  • French language courses in Paris, the best way to improve your French language skills in the most beautiful city in the world!

26 Lessons

One lesson = 45 minutes

20 hours/week

One hour = 60 minutes

Maximum 14 students/class

Average 9 to 10


Open to all levels, from complete beginner to advanced.

Read more about the language levels at ACCORD


On arrival at the school, you will be given a written and an oral test to confirm your level.
In the CEFR there are six main levels, from A1 (basic user) to C2 (proficient user). At ACCORD Paris we also offer an A0 level for complete beginners.
Levels of proficiency at ACCORD Paris:
– A0  Complete beginner
– A1  Beginner
– A2  Elementary
– B1  Pre-Intermediate
– B2  Intermediate
– C1  Advanced
– C2  Proficiency

Read more about our tests: ACCORD first day tests

Course Content

Timetable: Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 13:00

The General Intensive French Course A is aimed at all students from all levels who wish to improve their language skills in General French covering everyday topics and situations.

The emphasis will be on improving confidence in speaking and listening in French in a range of everyday situations. Subjects covered in class include: topical vocabulary and language, study of grammatical structures, pronunciation and listening skills, social skills, cultural awareness, reading and writing skills, conversational French.

Read more about our teaching method: ACCORD’s Teaching Method

Read more about our teaching material: ACCORD’s Teaching Material


A certificate will be given to each student at the end of the course.

On request, you can also receive an “End of Course Teaching Assessment”, which includes a detailed analysis of your competence in the French language. This assessment is available at a cost of 50 euros.

Read more about our Certificate: ACCORD’s Certificate


At the end of your stay you also can take an exam to get the official “Diplôme de langue et culture françaises” recognised by the Académie de Paris.

Exam fees: 50 euros

Exam Fees are offered to the students who enrol for 6 weeks or more.

Sample of the Diploma can be seen HERE


2021 Dates

Starting dates for all levels, except complete beginners: any Monday (except April 5th and November 1st).

Calendar for beginners: January 4th, February 1st, March 1st, March 29th, April 26th, May 17th, June 7th, July 5th, July 19th, August 2nd, August 16th, September 6th, October 4th, November 8th.

The school will be closed April 5th, May 13th, July 14th, November 1st, November 11th and from Saturday December 18th 2021 to Sunday January 9th 2022 included. The school will open on Monday January 10th 2022.



1 - 4 weeks
330,00€ per week
5 - 8 weeks
310,00€ per week
9 - 12 weeks
300,00€ per week
13 + weeks
170,00€ per week

Special Long Term prices:

  • 13 to 24 weeks: 170 euros/week
  • 25 weeks or more: 160 euros/week

To register for a period of 13 weeks or more and benefit from the Special Long Term prices, you need to download the registration form, fill it, and return it to us scanned to
Payment can only be done by bank transfer or by TransferMate secure page/link as soon as you get the enrollment confirmation email from us.
The Special Long Term prices are valid for the intensive course A only.

Additional information

  • No hidden fees! Course Fees include level testing, teaching materials and end of course certificate.
  • No registration fees!
  • The General Intensive French Course A is available to adult students aged 16 and over all year round.

Our Recommendation

  • During your stay at ACCORD you can add one afternoon workshop or more, and you will just have to pay the difference between your course and the course including the requested workshops. Example: for one additional workshop per week, students will pay only an extra 30 euros/week.
  • Additional one to one lessons can also be booked for one week or more.
  • For an extra 60 euro/week, join the French Culture and Civilisation course which includes the Intensive French Course A + two fantastic afternoon workshops dedicated to French Culture and Civilisation.
  • Enrol for 6 weeks or more in our Intensive French Course A and ACCORD pays for your exam fees so you can take the “Diplôme de langue et culture françaises”.