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ACCORD Paris Saint-Germain Academy Summer Football Camp in England (2)


Paris Saint-Germain Academy Summer Football Camp in England ACCORD keeps its French connection with its Paris Saint-Germain Academy summer football […]

ACCORD on Grands Boulevards - top


ACCORD on the famous Grands Boulevards in Paris Apart from being the location of my favourite school in Paris to […]


Internship in France Intern Abroad in France Full-Time Internship Abroad Doing an internship in France is a great way to […]


Read a book in French and improve your French: “Paroles de Johnny” (Stéphane Deschamps & Frank Margerin – Chronique Editions) […]


Listen to French songs and improve your French: Listen to the album “Bonsoir Shérif” by the singer, Keith Kouna. Maybe […]


Qualité FLE Accreditation : the official Quality Accreditation for French as a Foreign Language Created via a decree in 2007, the […]

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