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Best French Courses in France - Accredited French Language Courses

You are looking for the Best French Courses in France? Select one of the Accredited French Language Courses proposed by a Qualité FLE school.

Choose your Paris Passlib' with ACCORD

ACCORD Accredited French Language School, member of the Paris Tourist Office, allows its students to benefit from many advantages during their stay in the capital, such as the Paris Passlib’.


You want to send your class to Paris? For your Group Study Tours in France, there is no hesitation: ACCORD Paris is the perfect choice!

ACCORD Summer French Course in Paris, in France

Following a summer French course in Paris at our ACCORD Saint Nicolas campus and summer language school is great fun!

School language stays in France

School language stays in France, in Paris, with ACCORD Undoubtedly, ACCORD Institut Supérieur Privé has established itself as a specialist […]

How to learn French in France in Paris

How to learn French in France? Come to ACCORD accredited French language school and learn French in Paris. Studying French in France is an amazing cultural experience.

Paris is the Best City to Study French in France

Why don’t you come first to Paris, the French capital, one of the best places in France to study French and to enjoy a total and real French immersion.

Homestay in Paris

Book your Homestay in Paris with FLE accredited ACCORD French language school. Select a host family accommodation in Paris and book online.

Bildungsurlaub accredited French language course

Select a high quality French school in France and book your Bildungsurlaub accredited French language course in Paris. Accredited Qualité FLE school.

French Language immersion in Paris

Come to Paris as it offers a perfect language immersion to study French in one of the best Qualité FLE accredited schools, ACCORD FLE school.

3bis rue Jean-Pierre BlochACCORD Paris

ACCORD Paris: 3bis rue Jean-Pierre Bloch Since March 2021, ACCORD school has moved into new premises located at 3bis rue […]

Accommodation for my Paris French language stay

How to choose the accommodation for my Paris French language stay ACCORD partners provide a wide range of selected accommodation […]