Taking the DELF/DALF Exam in Paris with the help of ACCORD Paris

ACCORD School offers to help students wishing to take the DELF or DALF exam at the end of their French course.

We recommend the PROSODIA Exam Centres as they offer the highest number of exam sessions in Paris (10 sessions per year and per level).

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Taking the DELF/DALF Exam in Paris

We offer 2 options:

OPTION 1 (including DELF/DALF Exam fees):
A dedicated member of staff at our ACCORD School will take care of each step of the administrative procedure with the exam centre (completing and sending the exam registration form, paying the exam fees, sending the ‘convocation’ (notification to attend the exam) to the student, sending results and the final diploma and supporting the student throughout the process.
ACCORD School will send the results to the student by email usually within 6 to 7 weeks of the exam taking place.
ACCORD School will send the diploma to the student’s home address recorded delivery usually within 9 to 10 weeks of the exam taking place.
It is also possible to send the diploma via a courier service fee such as DHL for an extra fee of 100 euro.

A dedicated member of staff at our ACCORD School will help the student contacting the exam centre and will support him or her with the exam registration process (completing the registration form, making sure the student is registered at the exam centre for the date requested).
The student will be responsible for making the payment of the exam fee via a secure link which will be sent by the exam centre directly to the student’s personal email address. The ‘convocation’ (notification to attend the exam) and the results will also be sent directly by the exam centre to the student’s personal address and the student will need to make sure that the correct procedure has been followed so he or she receives the diploma at the correct address (usually it has to be an address in France) or is able to physically collect the diploma at the exam centre.
In Option 2, ACCORD school will only be involved at the exam registration stage. All other steps in the procedure will be between the student and the exam centre with no involvement possible of ACCORD school.

Taking the DELF/DALF Exam in Paris

Registration subject to availability in each exam session.
Important information: it is advisable to submit the registration form a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the exam date.

You’re interested in the Option 1 or the Option 2?
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Taking the DELF/DALF Exam in Paris

You need more information about taking the DELF/DALF Exam in Paris?
More information on the website dedicated to the French exams, HERE

What is the DELF?
The DELF is the “Diplôme d’études en langue française”, a diploma recognised by the French Ministry of Education.
This diploma is recognised worldwide and valid for a lifetime.
The DELF exam can add value to your CV and help you secure a job with a company where French is spoken or needed.
The DELF B1 also gives you access to the French nationality.
The DELF B2 and more, the DALF C1 enable you to enter a French university.

More information about the DELF exam is given on the Examens-Paris websiteHERE

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