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Study in France with IKI-PGS and ACCORD

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Innovative Knowledge Institute – Paris Graduate School

IKI-PGS offers a full range of well reputed, Masters, MBA, MPhil (Pre PhD) as well as BA Foundation programmes.

Our model combines the academic expertise of IKI Paris School and ACCORD French language school to create one jointly taught programme, blending the strengths of different educational cultures and providing a better understanding of your learning both in terms of high-level academic skills and French language and culture proficiency. The programmes are collaboratively designed to respond to a globalised environment, and to equip students with a combination of the best aspects of our unique education systems, making them ever more attractive to employers across the globe.

Innovative Knowledge Institute IKI-PGS and ACCORD French Language School are both registered as Private Institutes for Higher Education and ACCORD is member of CAMPUS France.

Our ACCORD Paris & IKI- PGS “boutique” campus is in a great location, at walking distance from the Eiffel Tower, with excellent facilities, friendly and experienced teachers and staff.

IKI Paris campus:
Address: 3bis rue Jean-Pierre Bloch, 75015 Paris, France

Do I need a visa to learn French in France?

Before to book a French language course in France or a Master or MBA or MPhil (Pre PhD) or BA Foundation programme proposed by IKI-PGS, especially if you plan to stay in Paris during a few months, ask yourself the question:
– Do I need a visa to learn French in France?
– How can I get a visa for my French language course in France?

If so, please read the article written about Visas.

For more information, please contact Innovative Knowledge Institute/ IKI-PGS by email: &
or use the ACCORD online contact form