Semi-Intensive French Courses in France

Semi-Intensive French Courses in France

Our Semi-Intensive French Courses for adults are programs covering all aspects of the oral and written French language. We offer an AM1 morning semi-intensive course of 15h/week as well as a PM1 afternoon course of 15h/week too.

The main difference between the two courses is that the PM1 afternoon semi-intensive French course combines 3 afternoon classes dedicated to ‘Written French & Grammar’, and 2 afternoon classes dedicated to ‘Oral Communication/ French Culture and Civilisation’.

The other difference between the two semi-intensive courses is… the price:
– the AM1 morning course is 350 euro for 1 to 4 weeks course (2023 price)
the PM1 afternoon course is 250 euro for a 1 to 4 weeks course (2023 price)

If you plan to come to Paris for a longer stay than 4 weeks, the 2023 prices of the PM1 course are:
230 euro/week for 5 to 8 weeks
210 euro/week for 9 to 12 weeks
200 euro/week for 13 to 24 weeks
190 euro/week for 25+ weeks

Download the 2024 Prices and book now!

At ACCORD Paris, join a high quality French course at a cheap price!

Have a look at both semi-intensive courses here:
AM1 morning course
PM1 afternoon course

Semi-Intensive French Courses in our French school in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower, will allow you to progress very quickly and take the time to discover the most beautiful French city called the “city of light”.

Our Semi-Intensive French Courses will offer you a high quality linguistic immersion program that will help you to progress quickly in French.

ACCORD Paris key points:

  • No hidden fees! The fees of the Semi-Intensive French Courses PM1 and AM1 include level testing, teaching materials and end of course certificate!
  • ACCORD premises: Great location in the heart of Paris, nearby the Eiffel Tower.
  • Friendly and experienced teachers.
  • High quality school accredited by the official “Qualité FLE”. ACCORD French Language School in Paris is member of SOUFFLE and CAMPUS FRANCE. Founded in 1988, ACCORD Paris is one of the leading schools in France for teaching French to foreign students and offering high quality French language courses in Paris.

Book a French semi-intensive language course in Paris: the best way to improve your French language skills in the most beautiful city in the world!

A French language school in France, in the “city of light”, Paris
The ACCORD Paris “boutique” school is in a great location, at walking distance from the Eiffel Tower, with excellent facilities, friendly and experienced teachers and staff.
Address: 3bis rue Jean-Pierre Bloch, 75015 Paris, France

Before to book a French language course in France, especially if you plan to study French during a few months, ask yourself the question:
– Do I need a visa to learn French in France?
– How can I get a visa for my French language course in France?
And read our information about visas.