Full Immersion French language program for juniors aged 14-17

Selecting a full immersion French language program for juniors aged 14-17 in France and at ACCORD means going on vacation in France, discovering French culture and Paris, the French capital, having fun with other young people from more than 30 different countries, without forgetting the seriousness and the pedagogical quality of the French courses offered by a recognized FLE school, appreciated and accredited by the official FLE Quality label, ACCORD.

Full Immersion French language stay for juniors aged 14-17 in France, at ACCORD Paris: the pleasure of learning French in France

An all-inclusive language stay in France for a child, teenager or junior is an opportunity and you have to seize it. The desire to learn French comes through curiosity, the discovery of a new environment, another culture, another language, but also the desire to better understand young people from all over the world, without forgetting the enthusiasm of the teachers and the staff members who will supervise the juniors during their stay on the ACCORD campus in Paris. This is why a language stay with ACCORD is the trigger for real personal motivation.

Learning French is done spontaneously and naturally, in immersion both on the ACCORD campus and during classes and during visits, excursions and activities organized on site, on campus, in the evening. Learning French becomes a real pleasure!

All-inclusive language stay for juniors aged 14-17

Traveling, discovering another culture, another language, changing habits and making friends from all over the world are an integral part of the language stay experience for juniors aged 14-17 at ACCORD Paris.

Far from home and their usual landmarks, in a reassuring and secure environment, junior language students immediately make friends, many of whom will keep for many years after this first summer in Paris.

The pleasure of learning French in France, in Paris

The richness of these meetings is undeniably a motivating factor in learning the French language, because all the juniors are here to learn French, and practice it as much as possible, on campus as well as during visits and activities. The language immersion course puts juniors in a position to practice their French right away… and to make friends by speaking French. Because on campus the official language is French, and only French.

The French courses proposed in our full immersion French language program for juniors aged 14-17 and offered on the ACCORD campus are presented here, on the French summer courses page.

Full Immersion French language program for juniors aged 14-17 in Paris, France

When a junior decides to come on a language trip to ACCORD Paris, it is of course to learn French or improve their level to succeed in their studies. But coming on a language trip also means proving to yourself that you can evolve in a country other than your own, and in another language. During a language stay, the junior gains self-confidence and thus becomes more independent. By meeting juniors from other foreign countries, by sharing their room with them, by speaking (in French) with them, the junior will have self-confidence and will go towards others, to get to know them better, to share their culture, to tell their country , his city, his family…

The accommodation, activities, visits and excursions of your full immersion French language program for juniors aged 14-17 are presented on the page of our ‘all inclusive’ summer program.

And all the juniors who have come on a language trip to ACCORD will tell you that the more you learn, the more you want to learn, to surpass yourself and reach out to others.

All ACCORD Summer French Junior Courses are presented on the page of the Language School For Juniors In France


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