Book your ACCORD French Business Course in Paris

There can be no denying the importance of the French language in the business world market. French is an official language at the EU, European Parliament, UN, UNESCO, NATO, and French is a key language for French-multinational companies working in Europe, Canada, Africa and many other countries.

At ACCORD, our French business course in mini group is the ideal programme to suit the specific requirements for your job, your company and your professional sector.

Before your arrival at ACCORD Paris, you will be given a test to assess your level and you will be asked which topics and subjects you need to focus on during your French Business French lessons, so that our teachers can design the lessons around your needs.

Following an ACCORD Business French course will allow you to develop your vocabulary and oral communication in French for your business as well as in a social environment (at lunch, listening to the news on the radio or TV, etc.), giving you the opportunity to be more successful in your international and French business environment.

Our French Business Course can integrate your exact needs, for example learning the French terminology to use in your business. The ACCORD Business French lessons in mini group are customised to the students’ professional needs and requirements and as there are never more than 3 students in the Business French afternoon classes, the lessons are perfectly designed to suit you and your classmates who will be of the same level of French as you.

ACCORD French Business Course training format:

– The ACCORD Paris Business French course in mini group includes the morning General French Course A of 20 hours/week (course from 9:00 to 13:00) and four afternoon lessons dedicated to Business French in a class of maximum 3 students per class.

– The Business French afternoon lessons are dedicated to the students’ needs. The Business French teachers design the afternoon course to meet the students’ exact requirements. For example, building language skills and confidence in public speaking and presentations in French, developing negotiations, debating and leadership skills, gaining a better understanding of French working culture, etc.

Quality guarantee: the Business French lessons in mini-group with a maximum of 3 students per class are open even if you are the only person of your level in those Business French lessons. You will get the Business French lessons you booked (12 hours per week) without any additional fee to pay even if you are on your own.

– It is also possible to book the afternoon Business French lessons in mini group without the morning course A, as indicated HERE

Our recommendation: During your stay at ACCORD you can also ask to add one to one lessons for an additional fee.

No hidden fees! Course Fees include level testing, teaching materials and end of course certificate.

Why choose ACCORD Paris?

Over 30 years’ experience in teaching Business French (1988-2023). Founded in 1988, ACCORD Paris is one of the leading schools in France for teaching French to foreign students and business people as well as diplomats, lawyers, teachers of French…

High quality French language courses in Paris: ACCORD Paris is a French language school accredited by the official “Qualité FLE”, ACCORD is registered as a Private Institute of Higher Education at the Academy of Paris and is also a member of SOUFFLE and CAMPUS FRANCE. Thanks to the French school accreditations obtained by ACCORD Paris, students are safe in the knowledge that they follow a quality French course in a school which also provides quality services that match their expectations.

– You will learn to communicate confidently with French-speaking colleagues and clients.

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