French language courses for adults in France

Learn French at ACCORD Language School: The Teaching Method

Learn to communicate effectively, correctly and appropriately at ACCORD
Our main objective is to develop your learning strategies. This enables the students to transfer the communication skills which they have already mastered in their mother tongue to their native language. Verbal communication is our priority: our students learn to listen, understand and to express themselves correctly with good pronunciation.

We aim to raise our students' language level to an efficient standard of communication. This not only requires a perfect command of the language, but also a deep understanding of the cultural context.

How do we achieve this authentic and communicative environment?

By communicating in an authentic and communicative situation and by:

  • Listening using audio-visual materials, listening exercises, film extracts, television and radio programs, songs etc.
  • Speaking during French summer courses, meetings, excursions, theatre workshops (drama exercises and improvisation) to facilitate oral ability and overcome inhibitions, work on pronunciation, gestures and fluency.
  • Reading by understanding and analyzing authentic documents such as newspaper articles, professional texts, administrative forms and literary extracts etc.
  • Writing with a distinct communicative aim leading to an enriched knowledge of the language through varied written exercises.
  • Grammar is taught through language games and exercises incorporated into the lessons.

EXCLUSIVE: Put an end to your fear of speaking French with ACCORD's exclusive theatre workshops!

These workshops are run by an actress and communication specialists who help students to overcome their inhibitions and improve oral expression by putting the emphasis on gesture and communication.