My Work Experience Programme at ACCORD Paris

My name is Olivia and I have been participating in the work experience programme at ACCORD Paris since the beginning of April. I’m from Edinburgh, in Scotland, but live in Glasgow where I study French and Spanish. For my university degree, I had to spend one year in Spain, and then three months in France. The Work Experience Programme at ACCORD Paris has been the perfect way to spend these three months, as I have had the opportunity to learn many professional skills while simultaneously improving my French!

How does the Work Experience Programme at ACCORD work?

I have really been enjoying the work experience program at the ACCORD French Language School. The school is located 3bis rue Jean-Pierre Bloch in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, only ten minutes from the Eiffel Tower! All the staff made me feel very welcome so it was easy to settle in.

From Monday to Friday, I spend the mornings (08:30-12:30) working in the office alongside Malo, Nathalie and Alexandra. My tasks include welcoming new students, replying to emails and phone calls, registering new students for classes and exams, and processing payments. I definitely found the first couple of weeks challenging, but everyone in the office was happy to help me with my tasks, and also helped me with my French. Now, I feel much more confident in both my professional and French language skills and look forward to work every day!

In the afternoons (14:00-17:00), I attend French classes at ACCORD. In these classes, grammar, writing and oral skills are taught. The teachers provide engaging classes and are always happy to answer questions. The class sizes are small and organised by students’ level of French, so lessons feel tailor-made. At ACCORD Paris, there are students from all around the world. I have had classes with people from Mexico, Iran, Sweden and many more! It is really interesting to learn about different cultures, especially in our oral classes. After only a week of classes, my French had improved hugely and I felt much more confident in my comprehension and speaking.

How have I benefitted from the Work Experience Programme at ACCORD?

The work experience programme definitely has many benefits. Aside from improving my French, I was also able to get a taste for the working world. As a student, I had only ever worked hospitality or retail jobs prior to my internship at ACCORD. This was my first experience of office life, and I have really enjoyed it!

As I am coming to the end of my studies in Scotland, I am currently thinking about my future career. Through this work experience programme, I have realised that I would like to explore career options within the field of marketing. I have learnt the importance of customer service and relations within the workplace. I have also loved working in a language school, so I would like to look in to options here as well, at home in the UK or abroad. My time in Paris has provided me with both clarity and experience concerning my future career.

Overall, I would recommend the work experience programme at ACCORD to any French student seeking an immersive and enriching stay in Paris. I cannot fault the experience!