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Full-Time Internship Abroad

Doing an internship in France is a great way to experience the French culture and civilization, taking the necessary time to appreciate all of its charm, have fun living like a Parisian while building your CV/resume and greatly improving your French language skills.

Internship in France – Live and work in Paris!

With ACCORD you can supplement your study abroad French language course with an internship outside the classroom or a full-time internship in the French capital.

Internship in France – Invest in international work and living experience

At ACCORD you can be offered a full-time internship or a part-time internship whilst following a French language course at our school. Build your CV/resume, gain a great professional experience and improve your French language skills for just the cost of your accommodation and board in Paris as you will not have to pay for your internship abroad or your French language course! ACCORD Paris school will take care of that.

Internship in France – Build your global and practical experience in Paris

Develop your career prospects through an experience in a company dealing with more than 25 countries. As you know it, internship placements abroad build highly desirable critical skills for employment and make you more attractive to potential employers after you have graduated.

Full-Time Internship Abroad

Before you apply for an internship in France

Before contacting us for your internship program, please read the three internships offered by ACCORD and select the one you would like to apply for:

Internship in France – offer n°1
You have a very good level of French: you can ask for a full-time internship at the famous ACCORD language school, in the marketing and sales office, in the Head of Studies office or in the Exam office. You can also be offered an internship in the ACCORD Schools Group’s Marketing Department, under the supervision of the ACCORD Schools Group marketing manager.

Internship in France – offer n°2
You have a good level of French: you can ask for a part-time internship at ACCORD language school, in the marketing and sales office or in the Exam office. After a test of your level of French you will be either placed in an intensive morning course and you will do your internship in the afternoons, or you will be placed in afternoon classes and you will do your internship in the morning.

Internship in France – offer n°3
You are a false beginner or low intermediate in French: you will have to follow an intensive French course for a few weeks before starting your internship, and then you will be able to do a part-time internship as described in point 2.c

Don’t hesitate to contact us to be tested so that we can confirm you if you are eligible to apply to one of the 3 offers and find out if you need to book for an intensive French course before starting your internship at ACCORD.

Don’t hesitate and apply now for your internship in France!

This is a great opportunity for all of you out there and we look forward to welcoming many of you, bright and enthusiastic students.

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