Why learn French Online with ACCORD?
How can I select and book an ACCORD ONLINE French Course?

Founded in 1988, ACCORD is one of the leading schools in France for teaching French to foreign students and with over 30 years’ experience, we have a reputation of offering high quality French language courses in Paris and we are pleased to have trained over 100.000 students over the years, many returning year on year. ACCORD Paris is accredited by the official “Qualité FLE” and is member of SOUFFLE and member of CAMPUS FRANCE.

We always considered the best way to learn a language was face-to-face as not only can you share your experiences with students from the four corners of the world but you also get to practice in Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

However, with the recent events, we had to think of other ways to ensure our students could keep improving their French whilst staying at home, and also supporting students who are not yet able to join us in Paris.


We worked very hard to provide professional online French classes taught via live videoconferencing by our teachers, which enable our students to continue improving and be ready to join face-to-face classes in Paris.

And so, if you are looking for a general French course in a multinational virtual class or in tailor made one to one lessons, if you want to prepare for an exam, such as DELF or the French part of your A/AS level, ILC, Abitur, Maturità, Bachillerato, etc., we are the school to guide and prepare you for these exams with our dedicated online exam courses.

Our selection of online French courses are all taught by qualified French language teachers and every student gets the opportunity to learn from a native French speaker either one-on-one or in a group setting.

Of course, why not join an ACCORD ONLINE French course for a few weeks before joining us for your face-to-face course in France, at ACCORD Paris!


Our online French courses are perfect for you if you:
– are a professional and need to work on specific professional topics in French
– are a professional who needs a flexible learning schedule
– are a student and need to get a head start on the very competitive job market
– are a student who needs to prepare the official DELF French exam
– are a high school student who needs to work on your French exam before going to university
– are looking for an affordable French course because you are still saving up to come and study in France
– are unable to travel to France to study French because of travel restrictions
– are unable to come to France but would love to join French in a multinational class to share the experience with other students from different cultures and backgrounds
– love the French language and have had disappointed experiences learning French in your own country



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About our ACCORD online courses: “Professionalism, Quality, Value”
Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value… these are the recurring terms most used by the ACCORD students who decided to join an online course during the last lockdown in Paris. Their reviews below can be found on the ACCORD Google page, with their 5***** marks.
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