Qualité FLE Accreditation:
the official Quality Accreditation for French as a Foreign Language

Created via a decree in 2007, the Qualité FLE Accreditation (Quality Accreditation for French as a Foreign Language) is issued by the French Ministry of Further Education, Research and Innovation, Ministry of Culture, and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

ACCORD Paris was founded in 1988 and was one of the very first French language schools in France to obtain the Qualité FLE Accreditation in 2007.

This accreditation aims to identify, evaluate and promote the centres teaching French as a foreign language which offer quality language courses and services.

Through this quality assurance process, the French State is committed to officially recognise via a quality accreditation the services provided by centres and schools teaching French. The French State is also committed to publicise information about the accreditation known as ‘Label’ in French, and to use it as a promotion tool for the French language within the student and professional mobility.

The Official Quality Accreditation

The accreditation is awarded after the French Language School has been inspected. The accreditation is based on a frame of work focusing on the five following areas:

  • Training, teaching
  • Teachers
  • Welcome, support and guidance
  • Premises, security, facilities
  • Management

On the 28th of March 2007, after verifying the inspection reports, the interministerial accreditation commission awarded fifteen schools the first official Quality Accreditation for French as a Foreign Language, and ACCORD was one of those very first schools to be accredited in France.
The decree stating the creation of this Official Accreditation was published on the 28th of December 2007 in the Official Journal of the French Republic.

In France, there are between 300 and 400 centres and schools welcoming each year over 100.000 stuydents who come from all over the world to learn French. With so many centres and schools to choose from, students and language service providers (education agents, travel agencies specialising in language stays, etc.) now have a tool which is essential to help them choose or recommend a language stay among a selection of the best centres.

In 2007, ACCORD Paris was one of the very first schools to obtain the Qualité FLE accreditation!


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