French Language Courses for Au Pair

An Au Pair stay is an excellent way to combine a language stay with a childcare activity by staying with a French family in Paris. It is a life experience that allows you to combine learning the French language, discovering French culture, and participating in the everyday life of a Parisian family. ACCORD Language School offers to accompany you in your Au Pair experience with high quality French language courses for Au Pair in multinational classes of 14 students maximum (average is 10).

To help you enjoy and optimize your Au Pair stay in Paris, ACCORD offers afternoon courses of 6 and 9 hours per week, with the flexibility of always being able to add additional lessons according to your schedule and take 12 or 15 hours of French whenever you want. 

French Language Courses for Au Pair:

Course content depends on the lessons you choose as you can book a French course of 6, 9, 12 or 15 hours/week.

Discover the French language and the French culture within our afternoon classes and progress in your written and spoken French with one of our French Language Courses for Au Pair:

  • Oral Communication, 6 hours’ course: Monday and Friday afternoons
  • Grammar & Written French, 6h/week: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Grammar & Written French, 9h/week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Oral Communication + Grammar & Written French9h/week: Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons
  • Oral Communication + Grammar & Written French, 12h/week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons
  • Oral Communication + Grammar & Written French, 15h/week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons

from 14:00 to 17:00

Level of French:
From complete beginner to advanced. Level scale according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

from one month to one year.

At any time during your stay at ACCORD you can decide to add one or more afternoon lessons for only a low fee. You can add these classes for one week only or a few weeks. Our Course Director will always be on hand to help you choose the lessons that best suit your needs.

French Language Courses for Au Pair Starting dates:
Any time if you’re not a complete beginner.
Starting dates for complete beginners can be downloaded from here.

Download our prices and visit the web pages dedicated to these courses on our Learn French in France website.

Non-UE residents – Visa information:

The ACCORD pre-enrolment certificate is valid to apply for the first time to a student visa, when the Au Pair student is still in his/her home country. This pre-enrolment document can also be used to establish the Au Pair contract at the DIRECCTE (this has to be done by your host family).

What is the procedure to obtain a Visa as an Au Pair?

To come to Paris and follow one of our French Language Courses for Au Pair you must request your visa from the CAMPUS FRANCE office and the French Consulate in your country of origin or country of residence. You need to present our ACCORD pre-enrolment certificate confirming that you booked and will attending a French course as well as the placement agreement signed by the French/ Parisian family.

To request your ACCORD pre-enrolment certificate, you need to:

  • book your course online, using our secure server,
  • pay the deposit of 500 euro to get the ACCORD pre-enrolment certificate (a secure link will be sent to you for a payment by credit card, but you can also pay by Bank transfer),
  • send us by email copy of your passport,
  • and eventually all other information our Booking department will ask you for.

As soon as your booking is accepted, we will send you the pre-enrolment certificate by email as PDF document. It can also be sent by post, but the reception delay can be between one and four weeks, according to the country concerned. If you ask to receive it by courier, you will have to pay a 130 euro fee that you can pay by credit card (a secure internet link will be sent to you).

Very important:
When you submit your application to your CAMPUS FRANCE office, do not forget to specify that you have registered for a French course at ACCORD, an accredited “Qualité FLE” school and a member of CAMPUS FRANCE.

Contact Us:
Do you want to register your French Language Courses for Au Pair with ACCORD?
Our online registration process is very simple. Just click here: Online Registration form.
And if you need any other information before to book your course, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or using the Online contact form.
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