Long-Term French Courses in France – Learn French in Paris

Long-term French courses in France are designed for students who want to learn French over a longer period and improve all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), prepare for a French exam or prepare for higher education in France. The duration of these courses can be one term, one semester or one academic year, but it can also be just one or two months.

ACCORD French language school in Paris offers a wide range of long-term French courses, whether you need to learn French for private or professional reasons, or to start or continue higher education studies in France.

Starting Dates: Long-Term French courses at ACCORD language school are open all year round and students can start a course any Monday if they are not complete beginners (starting dates for complete beginners: one starting date beginning of each month – Contact us to receive the course dates).

Intensity and duration: The number of course hours of the Long-Term French Courses in France range from 20 to 46 lessons per week and therefore vary in intensity and duration:

You can choose between two semi-intensive courses of 20 lessons per week and 7 intensive courses of 26 to 46 lessons per week. Three course programs to prepare for French exams (DELF, DALF, Abitur, ILS, GCSE and A/AS levels) are also offered, from 34 to 38 lessons per week.

For those who want or need to significantly improve their written French, a course of 38 lessons per week is offered, with three afternoon lessons dedicated solely to written French and grammar.

For those who want or need to improve their oral communication, an oral communication course of 34 lessons per week is offered, with two afternoon lessons solely dedicated to oral comprehension and oral expression.

Total flexibility guaranteed: no ACCORD French language program requires you to follow the same course throughout your stay and you can decide at any time to add additional lessons or change programs.

For example, you can register for a term (i.e. 12 weeks) in an intensive course of 26 lessons per week and ask at any time to add lessons in writing and grammar, for example, or oral communication to this course. You will only have to pay the small difference in price between the course you registered for and the more intensive course which includes these writing-grammar lessons. And you can do this for two or three weeks only, if you wish. You can of course choose oral communication lessons and not only take grammar writing lessons.

You can also, if you wish, change your course program by choosing to follow, for example, the DELF preparation course for the last 4 weeks of your stay. This time again, you will only have to pay the small difference in price between the course for which you registered and this DELF exam preparation course.

On the last day of their stay at ACCORD French Language School, each student is given a certificate indicating the duration and level of the course(s) taken, based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

If you do not know which French language course to choose, do not hesitate to contact us and ask us to make you program proposals and their prices. So you can decide with complete peace of mind which course you are going to register for to start your stay in France… knowing that you can add additional lessons at any time, and for a very low price.

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