Learn French in France with ACCORD and get credits whilst studying in Paris!

How does it work ?

Credits can be earned for courses taken at ACCORD , but these credits are only valid if your institution will accept them. If your school does not have an active program with ACCORD it is imperative that you check with your head of department or professor BEFORE attending classes. Usually it is just a matter of providing detailed program descriptions, or actual syllabi, our teacher's CVs, etc.

Credit is usually earned by; 1 credit for every 15-20 hours in the classroom. Some institutions grant extra credits for cultural experiences or for projects such as "critical thinking" papers.

An original official copy of your transcripts with grades, signed by ACCORD Education Administrator, will be sent to the registrar's office of your school upon completion of your program.

If your home school does accept ACCORD then you can expect to pay at least a nominal application fee.

Do you want to get your credits transferred from ACCORD to your home institution? You have two options:

  • Pre-approval through your college or university. Either contact your university or college's study abroad department or French language department before beginning your course at ACCORD. Please also contact the Director of ACCORD, François Pfeiffer.
  • Transfer credits through the accredited US Benedictine College.

Learn French in France and receive between 8 and 16 academic credits with Benedictine College:

Study French with ACCORD Language School and receive university credits that can be transferred to your home institution.

All levels of French 5 PROGRAMS :

- French for beginners : 5 weeks - 8 hours credit.
- Summer study abroad : 7 weeks - 12 hours credit
- Semester program A: 9 weeks - 15 hours credit.
- Semester program B: 10 weeks - 15 hours credit.
- Semester program C : 12 weeks - 16 hours credit.

Personalised study programs can be created according to the student's needs and credit can be transferred.

- For more information, please email Daphne McConnell from Benedictine College.