Intensive French course ‘PM2’, 20h/week

  • Join a high quality intensive French course at a cheap price! This ACCORD Paris afternoon Intensive French Course PM2 combines 5 afternoon lessons + one hour coaching per day.
    The 5 afternoon lessons include 3 afternoon classes dedicated to ‘Written French & Grammar’, and 2 afternoon classes dedicated to ‘Oral Communication’/ ‘French Culture and Civilisation’.
    This afternoon Intensive French Course PM2 invites students to practise their French through the use of authentic material and to learn related idiomatic expressions in various contexts. The emphasis will be on improving confidence in speaking and listening in French in a range of everyday situations. Subjects covered in class include: topical vocabulary and language, study of grammatical structures, pronunciation and listening skills, social skills, cultural awareness, reading and writing skills, conversational French.
    The ACCORD afternoon Intensive French Course PM2 is open to all levels, from complete beginner to advanced.
    This Intensive French Course PM2 is available to adult students aged 16+, all year round.
    One hour coaching per day! During this last session in the day, students are supervised by our teachers whilst working on exercises to solve difficulties encountered in class or doing their homework. They can consult the dedicated teacher with questions about their work.
  • Great location in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower and the Champs de Mars. ACCORD friendly and experienced teachers.
    ACCORD is a high quality French language school accredited “Qualité FLE”. ACCORD French Language School in Paris is member of SOUFFLE.FLE and ACCORD French Language School in Paris is member of CAMPUS FRANCE. Founded in 1988, ACCORD Paris is one of the leading schools in France for teaching French to foreign students and offering high quality French language courses in Paris.
  • With ACCORD, it is not only about learning French, it is a life experience!