Study French Online School In France

You want to learn French in a multinational environment but can’t travel to France and join a face-to-face course at ACCORD Paris language school?
You need to improve your French to prepare a French exam (DELF, DALF, A/AS level, ILC, Abitur)?
You have to prepare a conference or an ITW in French but you can’t leave your country?
You have to write a document or a report in French whilst you have to stay in your office?
You want to learn French from the comfort of your home with top-quality online French lessons with dedicated and experienced teachers?

Even if you can’t travel at the moment because of professional commitments or any other reason, you can still learn and/or improve your French in “virtual international classes”. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, a computer, tablet or smartphone, and the Zoom software (free of charge). 

Select an ACCORD ONLINE French course!

ACCORD ONLINE French Courses:

The ACCORD ONLINE Campus offers private tailor made one-to-one courses as well as General French group courses (evening French courses), online DELF exam preparation courses in small groups (max 6 per class), online courses to prepare your French exam in the A/AS level, ILC and Abitur in small groups too (max 6 per class). 

Of course, why not join an ACCORD ONLINE French course for a few weeks before joining us for your face-to-face course in France, at ACCORD Paris!