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ACCORD French course in Paris FAQ

Is my ACCORD French course accredited by any official French authority?

Yes, your ACCORD French course is accredited by official French authorities. First of all ACCORD Paris is registered as a Private Institute of Higher Education (n°588) at the Academy of Paris – Ministry of Higher Education. Similar to the “Qualité FLE” accreditation, the registration of our French language school as a Private Institute of Higher Education is another guarantee of the quality of our ACCORD Paris school.
The major, official French school accreditation is “Qualité FLE”. In 2007, ACCORD Paris was one of the first schools in France to have been accredited “Qualité FLE”, the official French accreditation which guarantees the quality of teaching, premises and services provided (administration, enrolment, accommodation, etc.) of a school located in France and teaching French as a foreign language.

When can I begin my ACCORD French course?

You can start a course any Monday if you are not a complete beginner. 
Complete beginners must start their ACCORD French course on a fixed date. A new session starts every 2 weeks and every week in summer. All starting dates are indicated here: ACCORD starting dates

What is the minimum level of French required to attend an ACCORD French course?

We accept students of any level of French, from complete beginner to advanced (C1-C2). Classes for our intensive courses and semi-intensive courses are open all year round for all levels.
To know more about the levels of French, click HERE

Can I book an ACCORD French course for one week only?

Yes, as YOU decide how long your ACCORD French course will be. You can book for one week only or for several months, especially if you prepare to enter a French University and wish to take the DELF or DALF exams.

I’m very happy with my first week course at ACCORD Paris. Can I book for one or more weeks during my stay?

Yes, of course. You can decide to add one or more weeks, and decide to extend your ACCORD French course a few weeks later. Just meet the ACCORD staff at the Registration office to arrange your classes.

I am very happy with my morning ACCORD French course and with my progress in French. How can I book additional afternoon lessons/workshops to add to my morning course?

You can decide at any time to add afternoon lessons. Just meet the Head of studies or the ACCORD staff in charge of your registration, and they will help you to book the afternoon lessons that you would like to add to your morning ACCORD French course.

What is the best time to book my ACCORD French course?

The best time to book your ACCORD French course is as soon as possible, but we accept last minute bookings (Friday or Saturday for following Monday) and if you don’t have time to book on line, there’s no problem to come directly to the school on Monday (if possible at 8:00 am – no appointment necessary) to arrange your booking. 
If you need accommodation, please remember that by booking your stay early, you will have the widest range of accommodation to choose from (especially if you want to book a student residence).

What are the opening hours of the ACCORD Grands Boulevards school?

Our school is open Monday to Friday, from 8.00 am to 6:00 pm on Monday and from 8:30 to 6:30 pm Tuesdays to Fridays, where the ACCORD booking staff is available to register your booking and answer your questions.
Our office telephone number is +33 (0)1 55 33 52 33, and we also can be reached by email using our “Contact Us” form

At what time can I call the school?

You can call us between 8.00 am and 6:00 pm (French time) on Monday, and between 8:30 and 6:00 pm Tuesdays to Fridays.

Will I need a visa to study in France?

If you are from a country member of the EU (European Union), you need no visa.
If your country is not a member of the EU, you have to ask for a “tourist visa” if your stay is less than 3 months.
You will have to ask for a “student visa” once you have registered in a university.
Very important: once you are in France with a “tourist visa” and you would like to ask for a “student visa”, you will have to return to your home country to ask for it. It can’t be done in France.

For any information regarding visas, passports and authorizations to stay in France, please consult the French consulate or embassy in your country.

For your visa application please check the list of required documents on the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, HERE

How can I get a registration certificate for my visa application?

Students from countries outside the European Union, wishing to stay 3 months or more in France, must register for a French course of minimum 15 or 20 hours per week (it depends on your country) and pay the deposit or the total fees (tuition fees and accommodation fees if you book your accommodation with ACCORD).

If you choose to pay the non-refundable deposit, once the school has received the deposit, we will send you a “pre-enrolment certificate” which you can present to the French consulate. If you choose to pay the total fees, once we have received your payment, you will be sent a “registration certificate” confirming that you have paid the total fees.

Do I need to book an insurance?

We recommend European students bring their European health card with them.
If you don’t already have an insurance policy, ACCORD recommends:

  • AVI lnternational, a company specialising in language stays abroad:
    Web site HERE
  • Guardme
    Web site HERE

I have booked accommodation through the school, when should I arrive?

If you have booked your accommodation with ACCORD, arrivals are scheduled for Sundays and departures for Saturdays. It is possible to add extra nights to your stay, at extra fees, but we recommend you ask for the extra nights when you book your stay in Paris.

Don’t forget to inform us of your arrival time and airport terminal (at Roissy Charles de Gaulle or Orly) if you have booked a transfer with ACCORD.

On my first Monday morning, at what time should I be at the school?

On your first Monday morning please arrive for 8:00 for the welcome speech by our Head of Studies and to be tested (oral and written test) so that you can be placed in a class of your level as soon as possible.

If you arrive on Monday morning to book an ACCORD French course, you will need to spend a few minutes with the ACCORD Booking staff to arrange your booking and pay the tuition fees before you can be tested and join the class of your level.

Do I have to pay registration fees?

At ACCORD Paris there are no hidden fees and you have no registration fee to pay.

How do I book?

You can book your ACCORD French course on line using our secure website and secure booking form and pay by credit card or by bank transfer.
You also can download the registration form from the web page HERE. Fill it in, scan it and send it by email to info@accord-langues.com

At reception of your email and booking form, our Registration department will then send you a secure link by email to pay by credit card, or you can pay by bank transfer.

What is the maximum number of students per class?

14 for all intensive and semi-intensive courses (average: 10)
6 for the DELF and DALF dedicated lessons (average: 4)
6 for the French and Law program (average: 4)
3 for the Business French classes in mini groups (average: 2)

What course book or pedagogical material will I need to buy to attend my ACCORD French course?

At ACCORD Paris there’s no hidden fee as all the pedagogical material and teaching resources given by the school is included in the tuition fees. You will have no book or other teaching material to buy to follow our courses!

Which books do the ACCORD teachers use in their classes?

The ACCORD teachers don’t use books. They are a team of experienced teachers involved in creating their own teaching material and constantly updating ACCORD’s teaching method so the lessons are always current and fresh.

Is there a minimum and maximum age?

Our adult school located on the Grands Boulevards, in the heart of Paris, open all year round, welcomes students from all over the world from the age of 16. Our oldest student todate is 86. Let’s beat that record!

What is the average age of the students?

Around 30 years old between October and May, and around 22 in summer.

Is it possible to prepare and pass certifications and exams?

Yes, you can prepare for the DELF and DALF exams as well as for the French exam for the A/AS level, ABITUR and ILC.
You can also prepare and sit the TCF and TEF exams directly at our school.

Are there classes on French public holidays?

No classes are held on French public holidays, nor will they be rescheduled. We recommend activities and full day visits on these public holidays.

How long is a class?

All our courses are shown in two ways: in hours (one hour = 60 minutes) and in lessons (one lesson = 45 minutes) enabling you to compare our courses with those from other schools which mainly give lessons only.

Is it possible to book an ACCORD French course only, without accommodation?

Yes, of course you can book at ACCORD your French course only and book your accommodation yourself.

Is it possible to book accommodation only, without an ACCORD French course?

No, as a language school we are not allowed to offer accommodation without an ACCORD French course.

How old do I have to be to book an ACCORD French course?

You must be at least 16 years old.

How old do I have to be to stay in a residence?

You must be at least 18 years old.

I am under 18, what accommodation can ACCORD offer for my stay in Paris?

If you are under 18 years old, you will have to book a host family accommodation on a half board basis.

We are a school, a group of friends, colleagues who would like to book an ACCORD French course. Could we benefit from a special discount?

Depending on the requested French course needed and on the number of students/persons coming as a group, you might be able to benefit from a special rate. Please contact us direct for further information.

Do the students have free use of internet at ACCORD?

Yes, there is a free WIFI connection in the school and at the cyber cafeteria you will find 6 computers with free internet access.

Will I receive a certificate or a diploma at the end of my ACCORD French course?

At the end of your ACCORD French course, you will be given a “Course Certificate” stating the number of hours of attendance, your initial level and the level you have reached.

On request, you can also receive an “End of Course Teaching Assessment”, which includes a detailed analysis of your competence in the French language. This assessment is available at a cost of 50 euros. It includes the predicted level, the level achieved as well as the levels reached in the 4 skills, a detailed description of your abilities and progress in the different areas: oral, written and socio-cultural plus general comments.

This assessment can be used at university (to earn credits) or for professional purposes (training course validation, CV, etc.).

At the end of your course, if you like, you can also take the exam to get the official “Diplôme de Langue et Culture Françaises” recognised by the Académie de Paris, for just a 50 euro fee. A sample of the Diploma can be viewed HERE