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Accord – Commenti degli studenti della scuola di lingue:

«J’ai eu une semaine formidable à Accord Paris!»
Vanessa (Olanda)

«Professional but friendly. Good placement in groups. I had to work but felt I was learning available skills. Laurent maintained good energy in the class for listening and learning.»
Judy (USA)

« J’avais beaucoup de possibilités de parler français, à l’école et aussi dans les activités culturelles. Et je vais recommander l’école Accord! Merci à mes professeurs: Nicole, Sara et Carola!»
Sebastian (Germania)

«At Accord the staff were all incredibly friendly. Very welcoming, friendly and helpful host family. Teachers were, without exception, excellent!»
Richard (Regno Unito)

«I think I had a great two weeks at ACCORD. It was very good for my French. First, I improved myself and I improved my French really. My teachers, Melanie and Valerie, they are really good teachers. Thanks a lot.»
Sina (Turchia)

«Thank you for a good stay!»
Kim (Norvegia)

« Merci beaucoup pour tout le bon temps passé à l’école ! »
Lauka (Kazakistan)

« A mon avis, les profs sont super ! Félicitations ! »
Juan Jose (Spagna)

« L’atelier pour préparer le TCF est très bien et très utile. Avec le cours du matin c’était parfait pour préparer le TCF. »
Javier (Spagna)

« Les cours étaient très intensifs et en deux semaines j’ai fait pas mal de gros progrès, et surtout je me sens très certaine de moi pour parler maintenant dans mon travail. Le cours est vraiment très bien pour les personnes qui doivent utiliser la langue francaise dans le travail. Je vais revenir, pour encore mieux parler ! »
Sabine (Svizzera)

« Une expérience magnifique ! »
Giada (Italia)

« A nice school and friendly teachers. »
Alexander (Danimarca)

« Great course. I loved all my teachers. Staff very helpful. I would love to come back and I will recommend the school. Thanks for the great experience. »
Gustavo (Brasile)

« Je me suis sentie très bien pendant les trois mois. Tout le monde a été très gentil et disponible. L’atelier theatre était super, vraiment très bien. Le cours des affaires était parfait. Ma famille était vraiment parfaite, plus qu’excellent ! »
Christiane-Sabine (Germania)

« Very impressed with the standard of patience of the teaching staff. I look forward to recommending the school and returning soon. Merci beaucoup! »
Marina (Australia)

"Ich studiere Tourismus und Eventmanagement in Deutschland. Ich habe letztes Jahr einen 2-wöchigen Sprachkurs bei Ihnen gemacht und ich war begeistert, nach nur 2 wochen waren meine sprachlichen Fähigkeiten um einiges besser geworden. Dazu habe ich mich noch in die Stadt Paris verliebt."
Jana (Germania)

"I was looking for a 3-week intensive language program where I could take a morning class and have the afternoon free to discover Paris. I found Accord prices to be very attractive."
David (U.S.A.)

".. As I just had finished the theoretical part of my training to become a commercial correspondent I was looking forward to participating in a practical work programme for two months in France. I already gained experiences in working abroad in Hungary. So I was very interested in what it was like to work in another foreign country. I worked in the head office of the ACCORD language school in Paris. First I took a language course. After refreshing my language skills and obtaining a lot of new inspiration and knowledge due to this course I was more confident in speaking French. Besides the daily office work I was therefore responsible for finding new host families and visiting them to make sure that the accommodations met with our approval. It was very exciting for me to conduct this project by myself. I had a lot of friendly colleagues who were always there to help me. This was a real challenge given to me and I found this type of work very enjoyable. Furthermore I created information material and gained a lot of computer knowledge. I enjoyed staying in Paris and working at ACCORD very much. I could recommend to everyone to participate in a work programme at ACCORD and to make the same experiences like I did and get to know the language and the people as well as the country as it is only possible while staying for a longer period as a tourist normally does."
Adina Zettisch (Germania)

"I now have a good idea of the way of life of a French family. It is one of the nicest experiences of my life so far."
Naomi (Giappone) 

"Very friendly and professional."
John, Product Manager (U.S.A.)

"I feel that staying in a family provided me with real insight into the French way of Life, as well as a complete immersion in the language."
Rebecca (Australia)

"The classes are extremly interactive, with most emphasis being placed on oral development. The materials and references you receive are invaluable."
Bernd (Germania)

"Attending the Accord language school is definitely money well spent. The fact is that Accord experience forces you to learn and attempt to utilise copious amounts of "practical" French - and the joy of eventual success is incomparably exhilerating."
Chiara (Australia)

"Thanks to your school, I passed the CCIP comercial french examination. I learnt a lot in Olivier's class and I made lots of friends. Thank you!"
Eugenia Chvetsova (Russia)

"I had the chance to participate in a practical work programme at ACCORD language school in Paris. For 2 months I worked in the administration office with all the other employees who are responsible for accommodation, registration, cultural activities and all the different work functions that are necessary to organise a language school. I first took a French language course which enabled me to improve my language knowledge. Furthermore I gained more confidence to express myself in the foreign language due to the French course, as this was the first time for me to work in a company abroad. My tasks differed from day to day which made my work experience interesting and challenging. One of the tasks was to represent the school at several foreign embassies. For a week I was also responsible to manage the work at the premises of the Junior programme. Here I met a lot of young people and the atmosphere was therefore very relaxed and spontaneous. I can recommend this programme to everyone who wants to learn a foreign language and also gain work experience abroad."
Corina Weissbach (Germania)

"My teachers were excellent and the atmosphere of the school wonderful. I'll never forget these 8 weeks spent in Paris."
Antonio (Spagna)

"My friends suggested ACCORD. I went there and was very satisfied. Now I recommend this school to my friends."
Maria (Italia)


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