Win a week’s worth of lessons thanks to the statue of Liberty!

“The Statue of Liberty”, who was initially named “Liberty enlightening the world”, is now part of both the American and French culture. It is found on ten dollar bills, in ads or on packaging, it is even sold as toys or souvenirs “made in China”.

Built in France and given by the French people to their American friends as a token of friendship between the two nations, it was to be officially inaugurated on the 4th of July 1876 to celebrate the centenary of the United States’ Declaration of Independence. In fact, it was ten years later, on the 28th of Octobre 1886, that the statue was actually unveiled to show off its 46.05 metres (93 metres from ground level) on Bedloe ’s Island, which was renamed Liberty Island in 1956. Grover Cleveland, then President of the United States was at the official inauguration.

It was the French sculptor, Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, who thought of adding seven points to Liberty’s now famous crown, as it symbolises the seven continents. On the tablet held by Liberty, the date of 4th of July 1776 is engraved and to the statue’s feet are some broken chains representing freedom.

Win a week’s worth of lessons thanks to the statue of Liberty!

But here is something you may not know, there are at least five original replicas of the statue in Paris which can be seen by us all. For example, there is one on the Ile aux Cygnes, near the Pont de Grenelle in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

This island is 890 metres long but only eleven metres wide for most of its length! With a surface of about 1,3 hectare, it is also the smallest of the three Parisian islands. It is opposite the Maison de Radio France on the Right Bank and the Front-de-Seine on the Left Bank.

Created in 1825, this original island was at first an embankment and was part of the river port of Grenelle when it had a river terminal (a warehouse for merchandises) together with the Pont de Grenelle designed within the urban development project of the Plain of Grenelle.

It is therefore on the Ile aux Cygnes that you will see this first Statue of Liberty.
Will you be able to tell us where the other four Statues of Liberty are in Paris?

Win a week’s worth of lessons thanks to the statue of Liberty!

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A little ‘travel trivia’ from ACCORD : A small iron replica made by Bartholdi with the same cast as one of the replicas in Paris was purchased by the City Council of Buenos Aires in the 1910s. This replica is to be found Plaza Barrancas de Belgrano.